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Metalcraft Roofing has a range of gates to complement the standard range of Metalcraft fencing and accessories. Please contact your local Metalcraft Branch for more information.
Standard sizes
1800mm x 880mm to suit 1800mm fence height. Custom gate sizes are also available , please check with your nearest Metalcraft Fencing Branch.


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Our range gates complement the standard range of Metalcraft fencing and accessories. These are available as personal access gates, or in larger sizes to span driveways.

Personal access gates are available in a range of colours and in standard sizes, to match standard fence heights. They are supplied pre-assembled as they are fabricated with a galvanised steel spine that reinforces the gate and ensures it is robust and durable. The hinges and latches are mounted in our workshop which minimises on-site work. A 65x65mm square section galvanised and powder coated post is also included to hang the gates from, which ensures that the weight of the gate is well supported and swings freely.

There is also an option to mount the gate posts on concrete surfaces such as pavements or driveway if necessary. These post bases are secured to the concrete and the square post sleeves over the top to create a strong and secure solution. Please consult your nearest Metalcraft Fencing branch for more information.




We are also able to custom make gates to order to suit your specific requirements. However please take into consideration that this will incur  additional cost and time to fabricate.

Driveway gates to span wider distances are also available. These employ a split gate system due to the considerable combined weight of materials required when spanning greater distances typical to driveways. Driveway gates are quoted and fabricated on a job by job basis. Please contact your local branch to discuss further.


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All colours are available in COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® Please note colours below are indicative and we recommend you request a steel colour sample from your nearest Metalcraft Roofing branch. Other colours maybe available dependant on availability, please consult with Metalcraft.

Grey Friars

Thunder Grey






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