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The standard crystalline Solar Panel that we offer is the Trina Honey M plus+ 300W module.

Trina is a long established and well known manufacturer and are the largest Solar panel manufacturer in the world.  Their ongoing development and refinement processes have resulted in not only a high efficiency product that will outperform most other solar panels, but they are also the most environmentally manufacturer in the world. We believe this is an important consideration because when you invest in Solar you are making a long term commitment to the environment and society, so your Solar panels should reflect that choice.

This 60 cell monocrystalline Trina Honey module boasts an impressive maximum efficiency of 18.3% and up to 186W/m2 power density so it is a strong performer in terms of generation and efficiency. Despite being 50W larger than most standard 250W modules produced by other manufacturers it has the same dimensions, and Trina’s manufacturing volumes mean that they are virtually the same cost as a 250W module which benefits the homeowner.

As well as these performance benefits, the Trina modules also offer an aesthetic advantage. Unlike most modules which have bare aluminium frames, the Trina modules come standard with black frames, as do the clamp and rail accessories. This creates a more subtle visual appearance overall, particularly on a dark coloured roof.

Trina Solar remain a market leader in the 2015 Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition (SVTC) annual survey on solar panel manufacturers, having been ranked number 1 in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.Therefore you know that you are purchasing from a socially responsible solar panel manufacturer. For more information download the datasheets to the right.

Trina also offer a robust warranty backing of a 10-year Product Warranty as well as a 25-year Linear Power Warranty of 80% output at year 25; however, the panels are expected to continue to function effectively for up to 40 years.

undefinedSolar is a long term investment so it makes sense to invest in a high quality product that will function as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, thereby maximising your return on investment.

These panels are compatible with either String inverter or Micro inverter technology (link to MI page), and we have mounting solutions compatible with all roof types and profiles.

 Image of Trina PV solar panel:






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The Trinasolar Choice Solar Scorecard Honey M Plus DD05A(II) Feb2017.pdf PS1 epsan solar clamp APR 2018.pdf

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