Mounting Solutions

There is a range of high quality aluminium and stainless steel mounting options available. The appropriate one depends on the roof type, roof pitch and in some cases, the orientation of the roof. There are solutions to accommodate all longrun and metal tile profiles, and even concrete roofing.

Our standard and micro inverter options require a bracket system. Depending on the profile of the roof this can either be a bolt hanger system which secures through the rafter for maximum hold, a bracket that is secured through the roof sheets, or a clamp system which eliminates the need for any roof penetrations. These are typically flush mounted for roof pitches of 20-35 degrees.

For roof pitches under 20 degrees, an aluminium tilt mounting system is also necessary for optimum results. On any flat pitched roofs this allows the panels to be elevated to the optimum 30 degree pitch. This however will incur an extra cost above our standard rates which allow for flush mount brackets.

Some descriptionIf the roof space is not suitable and there is ample space on the site, then you could also consider Ground Mounting as an option. This means the panels are mounted on a timber or steel frame structure at ground level, then the cable in conduit is run in a trench to the building. This is typically not a big additional cost, and allows the benefit of being able to site the panels in a position that does not interfere with the aesthetics of the home or obstruct your view. It also allows us to set the panel pitch and orientation to the optimum, so as to get the maximum generation from your Solar array and maximise your return on investment.undefined







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