Battery Intergrated Systems

Batteries are the hot topic of the Solar industry at the moment. As more and more people are looking to maximise the return on investment by storing energy harvested during the day for use in the peak cost evening hours, manufacturers have been racing to develop and release products to meet this demand.

Lithium-ion technology has now emerged as a viable replacement for traditional lead-acid battery solutions, and promises to offer significantly greater performance and efficiency. There are a range of lithium ion products already available, but more are expected to emerge, and the costs are expected to become more affordable as this technology becomes more mainstream.

Batteries can be used with a grid-integrated system so you can store energy but also continue to export surplus energy, or draw from the grid to top-up as required; or with larger battery capacity you can go completely off-grid for full energy independence.

Batteries can be easily integrated in to existing Solar PV systems at any time. The Enphase Envoy-S is a great piece of hardware for those considering a staged approach to test the benefits of Solar and/or spread the investment (i.e. install solar panels first, then batteries sometime later). This device primarily supports micro-inverter systems by functioning as the data gathering and communication device for the array, but the added benefit from this is that it also records the daily energy use of the home in detail and matches that against the arrays generation patterns. This allows us to design the appropriate battery capacity for your needs.




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