Modena Metal Tile

The Metalcraft 'Modena' Tile is the latest addition to our range of metal tiles and accessories. The Modena Tile is the result of an extensive research, analysis and design process to produce an attractive, functional and durable lightweight tile.The Modena Tile is an eye-catching option that affords the look of a heavyweight tile roof but eliminates the extra costs of reinforced roof trusses necessary for heavyweight roofing.

The Metalcraft Modena Tile is available in pressed Colorsteel as well as the stone chip finish to help you achieve the look you are after.

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Please Note: Dimensions are nominal and may vary with changes depending on material
Minimum Pitch: 12 Degrees
Steel Gauge: 0.39 G300 Colorsteel Endura
Weight: Weight (painted): 2.1kg (chip coated): 3.3kg
Options: Pre painted Coloursteel Endura and Chip Coated
Tiles per m2: 2.26 Tiles per m2
Availabilty: All Metalcraft Roofing Branches


Strength and Security

Metalcraft Metal Tiles are designed to withstand environmental extremes so they afford considerable peace of mind. The interlock and overlap panels unique to metal tiles are secured in place with a horizontal fixing system. Fastenings are situated at 90 degrees to the tile surface providing resistance to wind lift from hurricane force winds and earthquakes.

They are also highly resistant to storm damage in the form of hail, and although they may dent, they will not crack or leak as a result of hail contact.


A typical lightweight metal tile weighs just 1/16th of the weight of a conventional tile. This reduces the amount of timber required to reinforce your roof trusses providing a considerable cost saving in design and materials.

Durable NZ Steel

Metalcraft Metal Tiles are manufactured from the base core of Zincalume® steel. Our colour range is produced from a proven paint system supplied by NZ Steel which gives excellent colour retention and is suited to most urban and coastal areas.


Chip Coated Tile Options




All colours are available in COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® Please note colours below are indicative and we recommend you request a steel colour sample from your nearest Metalcraft Roofing branch.






Downloads Includes PDF, DWG, DXF & RVT


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