Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my fence at a height other than what is specified on the website?
Yes we can roll form to any length but bear in mind that fence heights beyond 1.8m may require council approval.

Are there different panel sizes?
The standard panel uses three overlapping sheets, however in high wind zones we would recommend using only two sheets. This increases the number of posts utilized and therefore the strength of the fence. In other circumstances panels can be made to fit any width requirement, however it is likely that the rails and one sheet in each panel would need to be trimmed to fit the required spacing. However this is a relatively simple job on site.

Do I have to have my fence installed with the top rail not flush with the top of the posts?
No. You can install the fence rails flush with the top of the posts if this is the look you prefer. 

Can I have one colour on one side of the fence and another colour on the other side? No. Double sided sheets can only be made  in one colour only.

What does one "panel" include?
One panel includes: three infill sheets, two posts, one top rail, one bottom rail, 14 steel tek 12x20 screws, two single post caps. The high wind 1.62m wide panel has the same except only two sheets.

Do the caps come in the same colour as my fence?
No the caps are only available in black.

Can I have the posts and rails a different colour the panel/sheets?
Yes, this is not a problem, you can mix and match colours in the range offered to suit your requirements.

I want to match the colour of my roof to the fence but the colour of my roof isn’t in your colour range, can this be arranged?
No, there are only a limited number of colours available at this stage.

Are there any other types of panel available i.e. a different style/profile other than Aztec?
Not currently.

What is the cost of installation?
Installation is carried out by approved independent contractors. The cost of installation varies depending on the nature of the job and the conditions of the site. We recommend discussing this directly with the fencing contractor who we can refer you to as required.

And how long does it take to get the fence materials from time of ordering and making payment?
For standard colour selections the standard lead time is 3 days. Gates are made to order so this will add 2-3 days if required.

Do I have to collect my fencing items or will you deliver?
We have branches nationwide so delivery can be easily arranged but this will incur a cost.

On the website it states that there won’t be any repainting required, what does this mean ?
This is a reference to timber fence alternatives which typically require painting after installation. This extra job and expense is eliminated with the Colorsteel fence system.

Are gates available?
Yes, we supply preassembled personal access gates which include a lockable latch, stainless hinges and a 50x50 gate post. These are 820mm wide and available in two standard heights. Images of p/a gates can be viewed on the gallery page. Gates can also be made to suit driveway application, however the weight of this system necessitates a split gate system rather than a single gate to span the whole driveway. Contact your nearest branch to discuss your specific requirements.


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