Coca Cola Buildings

Metalcraft Roofing has been involved in two projects for Coca Cola over the past couple of years. Medium sized warehouses at Civil Place, Albany and Ross Reid Place, East Tamaki have been done using similar specifications. Metcom930 0.55mm Zincalume on both occasions was selected for the roof. Metcom930 provides excellent spanning capabilities and economical coverage.


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Natural lighting solutions are important for lowering energy consumption in factories. Alsynite ( at the forefront of the technology and have a close association with Metalcraft Roofing, therefore it was a simple choice to use Topglass GC on the roof. GC, short for gel coat, is a premium product in the Alsynite range. Alsynite also produce a range of spinaway roof ventilators, which were used on the Civil Place warehouse. In order to bundle the roofing into one trade Metalcraft Roofing also organized the membrane requirements for the internal gutters.

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