49 Sainsbury Road

The commercial development at 49 Sainsbury Road, St Lukes gave Metalcraft roofing an opportunity to showcase the Metdek855 profile. Metdek855 is run onsite and therefore is not constrained in sheet length by transportation limits. The project required a maximum sheet length of 36 metres, which was easily achieved. In order to accommodate the thermal expansion of such long sheets the Metdek855 is clip fixed and unlike other tray style clip fixed profiles Metdek855 delivers span capabilities and therefore the value, similar to that of traditionally used high rib trapezoidal profiles. 

The project, despite being practical in design, provided Metalcraft with the challenge of running long sheets on a narrow site, whilst working in with other trades. Although space was at a premium, the manufacture and installation of the product proceeded without a hitch.

Metdek855 provides a solution to roof designs that were typically dependent on a step detail. In conjunction to the benefit of running sheets to length, Metdek855 also reduces the possibility of water ingress as there are no screws through the roof envelope. From this perspective Metdek855 is an excellent commercial roofing solution regardless of sheet length. For more information on Metdek855 go to the Commercial Roofing section or contact your local Metalcraft branch.

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