Pick n Go Winners Announced

The Pick n Go game is over and we hope you all had fun!

Winners announced!


1st Prize Winner $1500 - Daniel Pegley
2nd Prize Winner $ 750 - Tony Ross
3rd Prize Winner $ 500 - Greg Sinnott

Random Prize Winner $1500 - Frank Best


Spot Prize Winners: $100 gift voucher.

Steve Cretney
Jamis Maan
Jeremy duckett
Craig Rogers
Damon Garrett
Margaret Driscoll
Robert Wierenga
Marc Davidson
Gavin Higgins
Jade Williams
Tiny McColl
Caleb Samuel
Natasha Howdie
Tony Coburn
Tertius Terblanche
Wendy Sealey
Sam Hunt
Graham Cloney
Craig Lawn
Tayo Altenburg
Aaron McGrath
John Mather


Metalcraft Roofing “Super Rugby Champion”
$250 gift voucher goes to: Jamie Whiting - Tauranga

Metalcraft Roofing “Winning Branch”
$1000 lunch shout goes to: Metalcraft Roofing -Tauranga


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