Metalcraft Sponsored University Student To Ozetecuture Summer School

"I was privileged to receive a sponsorship from Metalcraft Roofing which enabled me to participate in the Ozetecture ‘total immersion’ student summer school from February 10th-16th 2019.   This summer school offers students from all over the world a chance to learn closely from architectural heavy weights Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury and Lindsay Johnson in a one-of-a-kind class room. 

On the fringe of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, overlooking the picturesque Pittwater harbor in Northern Sydney, the Australian bush became our new home.  Over the course of the week our groups of four were tasked with responding to a loosely-defined architectural brief that challenged us to learn from this special place so that our designs might become more sensitive and responsive to the wider environment. 

Our days were spent rising before dawn to sketch the gum trees as they greeted the sunrise, diving off the wharf to escape the heat, utilizing the bush as our new lecture theater and drawing drawing drawing.  Friendships were quickly formed as our groups put our heads together to decipher Rick and Stutchy’s cryptic feedback on our design ideas.  Evenings were spent listening to talks by Lindsay, Rick and Pete and of course drawing some more.  Computers were not invited and cameras were put aside in favor of our sketchbooks.  We were shown through Richard and Peter’s homes and our eyes were opened to beautifully considered details and materials and new ways of living cohesively with the environment.

I have come away with the realization that after 5 years of study my education is in no way complete.  The wider landscape is just a larger ‘room’ that we live in and it’s impossible for architecture to be considered apart from its surroundings.  I have an ongoing responsibility to consider the wider world and the way my designs will impact on it.  I’m indebted to Metalcraft for such an amazing opportunity."

Sianne Smith 




Here are a few snapshots that I would like to share.




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